Sub District No6 Schoolhouse

The land was part of a Military Survey M151337 based on a land warrant to James Dowell soldier.

Land was part of a tax survey 1458, property owned by John Steele and conveyed later to John Brown. It was accessed in the 1890 Washington North Township N9 tax survey at 1 acre $40.00 dollars and 1 building accessed at $1000.00 known as schoolhouse Sub District No. 6. It was owned in the early 1900's by a club called The Cheerful Circle Club who sold it to Robert and Iva E. Quallen on 30 June 1981 at auction. After her husband's death she sold the property on 1 September 1984 to the trustees of a group who started a church called the Christian Community Chapel. They then sold it on 6 October 1986 back to Iva E. Quallen. She later sold the property to The Brown Road Country Church trustees on 6 October 1986.

The new church's trustees included Bonnie Inlow, who had also been a trustee with the previous church. The Vance family living next door recalled youth groups camping there and many different events as the church prospered. After the death of Bonnie, the church's membership declined and the church became vacant. The property fell into disrepair and was no longer maintained. It was then occupied by wild animals and completely overgrown with vegetation on the outside. The pews and other interior items were mostly destroyed by animals living inside the building. The foundation collapsed in the rear and water destroyed the floors and it had a terrible odor inside.

The property was then sold on 24 March 2017 to James D. Burge after a lengthy process of dissolving the church's trust. After the purchase was officially approved the interior was gutted and floors removed. The renovation process took between 5-6 years at which time a septic system and Western Water were installed, and an outside parking lot and a 30 x 24 pavilion were constructed using all rough-cut hemlock from Kentucky. The interior was also renovated using nearly all rough-cut lumber. All the interior lighting and woodwork was replaced or restored whenever possible using original materials from the schoolhouse. The floor alone used around 60 boxes of 18" Colorado Gray tile. The loft was designed using 3" x 6" green rough-cut lumber and 6" pine boards. All the walls were stuccoed and painted. The bathroom vanity tops were made from refinished old floor beams along with the stairs to the loft. The original windows were replaced prior to sale,  although some had broken glass or were damaged. They were replaced or repaired with a new window or glass.  The entire electrical service and wiring along with the plumbing were all replaced  with new. The building had a new energy efficient furnace with central air and a heat pump installed. To complete the renovation a new roof was installed with all new sheeting and shingles and trim in 2021.